Some things I’ve worked on…

Light Layer Productions Website Design

Light Layer Productions

Light Layer Productions is a female run, full-service motion picture production company based in Los Angeles California. I was commissioned to develop their brand persona and experience, develop their social media strategy and launch the initial version of their website.


  • Brand development

  • Website (Version 1) Launch

  • Social Media Management

  • Copywriting

“The entrepreneurial brain can be scattered, with very little time to sit down, make a plan, and stick to it. Annisha brings an unmatched level of concentration and organization to her work. She intuitively knows what needs to be prioritized and confidently delivers consistent, prominent, and buzzworthy content. She brings thought-provoking and unique ideas to the table and is the epitome of a loyal and devoted teammate!” - Arden Grier, Roxanna Dunlop, Co-Founders, Light Layer Productions

living room.jpg

is the most popular and most trusted real estate website in Canada. With over 240 million visits each year, provides listing information for residential, commercial and rental properties across Canada. I produced regular SEO optimized content for their newly launched blog “Living Room”.


  • Content creation

Celia Marie Website Design.gif

Celia Marie

Celia Marie is a coach and new-business consultant, working with creative entrepreneurs to step into their power and create a life on their own terms.


  • Brand development

  • Website design

  • Marketing consultation

  • Photography

    “I can't imagine having gone through the website design process without Annisha! Right from the get-go, I felt that she understood me and the vision for what I wanted to create. Through her creative skills, design expertise and keen eye she helped bring that vision to life. Annisha guided me through all aspects of the website design process including developing my brand, writing copy and designing the look and feel of the site. She even did all the photography! I absolutely love my website and I owe it all to Annisha!” - Celia Marie, Founder