I struggled with the concept of freedom and sought answers in devilish hands and smiles that leered. The world was loud, harsh and fast and I was enticed by its painful traps and complications.
poetry annisha lashand


Somewhere in the darkness, the mud and the noise I drifted.

Lost, I found myself in a cavernous place that echoed with a silence so full I felt satiated.  Droplets of water leapt gleefully on to cool, wet rocks; rugged and misshapen. A playground of shadows, mounts and crests containing the energy and history of a thousand years, there was a vibration in this place that felt nostalgic. The cool damp air wrapped around me like a mother’s arms, the moon soothed me with her reverent humming glow. Lost and incomplete, by the light of glittering stars I danced and let my feet fall away.